Black Founders Funding Bootcamp

Black Founders Funding Bootcamp
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We’re on a journey to teach the next generation of Black entrepreneurs the secrets of raising capital.

As of 2021, only 300 Black businesses have raised over $1 million in venture capital funding. A very small group has been allowed to reach this rarified state.

We’re here to give you a system for outreaching and raising capital from investors. A system for pitching 100 investors. Our system separates you from 99% of entrepreneurs who struggle to get consistent shots at investments.

What should I expect?

In each chapter of this course, we’ll guide you through a necessary step on your path to securing funding. We tell all students upfront that this isn’t a series of YouTube videos that you can play as you cook dinner or feed the cat.

  • Module 1: Your Mindset
  • Module 2: What are investors looking for?
  • Module 3: VC Language 
  • Module 4: What is traction?
  • Module 5: Rebuild your deck
  • Module 6: Build Your Pitch Deck
  • Module 7: Plan Outreach
  • Module 8: Contact Investment Firms
  • Module 9: Secure Your Funding

How it all started...

Tauhir Jones and Garreth Dottin created The Black Founders Funding Bootcamp out of a curiosity as to why so few Black founders successfully raised capital.‍

They interviewed countless funded Black entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and angel investors on the secrets of raising millions.

After numerous conversations, they noticed Black entrepreneurs made a series of mistakes that kept them from getting funded.

Tauhir and Garreth turned these insights into a 9 module course for outreaching and closing investors. Hundreds of hours of conversation condensed into 9 modules.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I right for this course and ready to raise capital? If you have a digital product of any sort then yes. One of the mistakes Black entrepreneurs make is not pulling the trigger. 

Is the Black Founders Funding Bootcamp an Incubator or an Accelerator? No, we don’t take any equity of your business and this course is self-directed. We provide office hours and amazing guest speakers but we don’t hand hold you through the process. Our job is to open more doors and ensure you’re prepared when those doors are opened.

Who is this course for? Any Black founder that has an actual product and realizes that to take their business to the next level they’ll need outside funding.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee? We guarantee that if you complete the course you’ll get in front of check-writers and be prepared to close them. If you complete the course and are still unable to do so, we will happily refund your money.

What makes the Black Founders Funding Bootcamp different? Nobody has talked to the whole spectrum of experts from Black founders to white investors. We uncovered the subtleties that go into being a Black founder that actually gets millions of dollars. We dived into uncomfortable topics and conversations that are typically held within boardrooms behind closed doors or privately between Black founders.

Why is this course so inexpensive? We are offering a discount for pre-sale that won’t last. We made this course affordable because we wanted to make it accessible to thousands of Black entrepreneurs. Services like ours typically run for $1,000 or more. 

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  • You’ll have a system for finding investors and communicating with them. You’ll be pitching to investors and have a realistic opportunity to close the deal.

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  • You’ll have a system for finding investors and communicating with them. You’ll be pitching to investors and have a realistic opportunity to close the deal.
  • Size1.05 GB
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Black Founders Funding Bootcamp

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